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College Study Bible (paperback): New American Bible

By Anonymous - Posted on 10 April 2010

Product Description

Saint Mary's Press® College Study Bible was created to meet the academic and spiritual needs of students taking undergraduate Scripture or theology courses and those studying the Bible for the first time. Its many features foster authentic biblical interpretation; make connections between Scripture, Tradition, and life experience; and promote spiritual growth.

Special Features

  • introductory articles on how to read and understand the Bible, along with the Vatican Council II document Dogmatic Constitution on Devine Revelation (Dei Verbum, 1965)
  • Scholarly introductions to each section and book of the Bible, written and edited so that unfamiliar concepts and customs are easy to understand
  • Ninety short articles that address the social concerns, life issues, and spiritual needs of a student
  • In-text maps, illustrations, charts, biblical art, and photos throughout the Bible to provide a visual context to aid student understanding    
  • Paperback: 2048 pages
  • Publisher: Anselm Academic
  • Price: $37.95